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  • Oven Door Hinge

Oven Door Hinge

Yargo Kitchenware company has been producing hinges over 20 years for many famous brand all over the world. built-in/free standing electric oven; steam oven,gas oven, dish washer hinge, glass-lid hinge, cabinet hinge and other hinges for kitchen appliances.

  • Model Number:YG-H004
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Material: Cold Rolled Steel

Processing: Stamping & Assembling


Function: "Joint, close & open the door;Stop the door on limited angle station;Close the door softly."

Scope: Oven (Steam Oven, Gas Oven, Electric Oven), Microwave Oven, Dish Washer, Refrigerator etc.

Color: Zinc Plated

Hinge series: 
Single Fulcrum Double Spring Hinge; Sing Fulcrum with Single Tension Spring Oven Hinge;Single Fulcrum With Single Compressed Spring Oven hinge;Single Fulcrum Compressed Spring hinge;More Fulcrum Long-arm Hinge;Single Fulcrum Short-arm Hinge;Microwave Oven Hinge;glass-lid hinge,cabniet hinge,dishwasher hinge... Soft close hinge is in developing now...

What we can do! 
Design and develop as customer's different requirements.